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My son Jesse Cedillo was murdered by a Pueblo county sheriff's deputy on March 14 2020 and Pueblo police stood by and did nothing to help save his life. A video shot at the scene clearly shows my son's hands in the air when multiple shots were fired. Not only did they kill my child they shot at the house of a elderly woman who could have been killed with all of those bullets. We are sad,tired, and angry of all the police related killings in our City. Please sign my petition to let the Pueblo District attorney, the city/county government and the attorney general of Colorado know we as citizens want to see justice prevail. Pueblo Law enforcement has more police incedents of police involved shootings  then any other city in colorado this is not a time to lay still and do nothing.

The evidence is all there. They killed him then let him die. Mr Governor we are begging you not to throw this under the rug. This officer deserves to be charged and shown he is not above the law. Please share and share so everyone can sign so they will change policies and stop this from ever happing to another family. Tell The Pueblo District Attorney's office to charge all officers envolved and to let my son's murderer not be in vain. If Pueblo won't charge them maybe another court can even Federal because this was a violation of his civil rights to due process. 

PS we are not saying if my son was innocent or not we are saying he should have had his day in court just like everyone else. 

These cops should not have been his judge, jury and executioner