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Get lights at Pueblo Colorado's Eastside Skatepark

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Pueblo Colorado has an amazing skate scene. Every single day, people of all ages come to skate, bike, and have a good time with their friends. Lights at this park could definitely enhance the experience so everyone has more of a chance to come and practice their skills. Everyone at this park is one big family and when we get together amazing things happen. The whole community came together for a skate competition in may. There, everyone at the park got to show what the skatepark community is all about. Lights at this park can lead the way to more positivity on Pueblos East side, a side of town known for gangs and violence. Lights here could help give kids positive things to do during the later hours of the day rather than join gangs or do other destructive things. The next generation of skateboarders need lights so that they have more time to practice and get better, more experienced skateboarders can have more time to perfect their style and even film each other doing tricks to get more exposure to the community through social media. All in all, everyone can come together and have a great time during the later hours of the day. Lights in other skateparks give more opportunities for skaters to perfect their tricks. Memorial skatepark in Colorado Springs is a perfect example for why Pueblos park could use lights. A lot of skaters that skate memorial park are extremely talented, due to the fact that they have an amazing park to skate on, as well as lights to practice their tricks during all hours of the day. Lights at Pueblos eastside skatepark can be achieved, we just need help getting the word out that we want it. Sign and help Pueblo Skatepark get lights!

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