Pueblo Colorado: No homeless shelters within the vicinity of our children's schools

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This petition has been started to express grave concern over the proposed homeless shelter to be operated by the Springs Rescue Mission and its proximity to Fountain International Magnet School. Citizens of Pueblo DO NOT BE FOOLED this is not JUST a Fountain Elementary School or East Side issue. If the city's leadership is willing to take risks for this school and this community then they are willing to put all of us at risk in the future. DO NOT let them set a precedent and make these types of decisions the norm. 

Homeless shelters and other high risk ventures should always be located at a distance of at least .5 to 1 mile(s) from any school, park or open area that is frequented by our city's youth. 

Elementary students (all students for that matter) are a very vulnerable population and the school would be dangerously close to a number of different activities and health risks that the homeless population would bring to the area.

Per the Centers for Disease Control website 

'Homelessness is closely connected to declines in physical and mental health; homeless persons experience high rates of health problems such as HIV infection, alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, tuberculosis, and other conditions'

The proposed sight is within 2 blocks of an elementary school. These types of issues do not need to be invited into our schools back yards. PERIOD. 

While most understand the need for shelters and programs to service the homeless, Pueblo needs to find another way, another location another venue. Our future, the city’s future is literally at stake.