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Stop portraying greenwise meat as natural

The Greenwise label is refferred to as all-natural, organic, and earth friendly. At this time, there is no USDA requirement to label food as natural. This means, there are most likely practices for their packaged poultry and beef which do not deserve a special label or a special price. The labels do say: antibiotic and hormone free, but they do not specify whether or not the grains fed to the animals have any levels of arsenic, pesticides, or rat poison to detter critters. Publix does not offer an organic meat option under their name since they do not disclose this information and thus are not organically labeled at all. So publix, stop trying to offer this alternative with your "all natural, organic, or earth friendly" label when there is no evidence to support your claim in your meat. As long as your cows are not being moved around, their feces runoff is polluting our water. That's not earth friendly at all and goes against your green wise label. So if it's not all natural since there's no definition, it's not organic by definition, and its not earth friendly, then what is it? Just beef and just chicken without added hormones or antibiotics. Nothing "green" about it.


Letter to
Publix Supermarkets
Stop portraying greenwise meat as natural.
Your definition of "greenwise" being Organic, or all natural, or earth friendly does not coincide with your greenwise poultry and beef since there is no definition by the USDA of All-natural(therefore this means nothing) It is not organic, and there is no evidence of your meat and practices to raise it being earth friendly. Though it is not labelled specifically "all natural" it does not meet any of your green wise associations. Therefore, I am asking you to stop putting the greenwise label on your beef and poultry, and instead label it as "antibiotic free " on your greenwise chicken. due to the fact that there is already regulation in place for hormones being given to all poultry, the no hormones statement is already in practice for your non greenwise chicken as well. Also on your beef, it should read "no added hormones and antibiotic free" since all these animals' diet is not specifically disclosed in detail and may contain human added substances, the "vegetarian diet" is not deemed appropriate.

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