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Tell Publix to free the Lobsters!

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Lobsters are social animals that are torn away from their families, to be sold at Publix. After that they're shoved in a small tank with their claws in a rubberband, awaiting their fate. This can be very stressful, as Lobsters can suffer from anxiety.When they leave Publix, theyre shoved into a box. Lobsters cannot breath air, they have the ability to close their gills, but can only breath as long as their gills are wet. Once dry, they slowly suffocate. Lobsters have hundreds of thousands of small hairs that stick out from their shells, which make them very sensitive to touch. They are extremely sensitive to temperature change as well, so much so that they travel 160 km per year to avoid unwanted water temperatures. Most people believe that Lobsters don't feel pain, but it has been proven, not only do they feel pain, they try to avoid it. They have a nervous system similar to ours, unfortunately they do not have the ability to go into shock like you and I, so they feel EVERYTHING! When boiled alive, they can suffer up to 45 seconds in the water. When they are dismembered, they can suffer up to 1 hour! Capturing Lobsters to force them into a life of torture, pain, and death, for profit is wrong. Release the Lobsters and get rid of the tanks!

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