Stop using plastic packaging in Publix supermarkets

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Publix supermarket is primarily located in the state of Florida which is surrounded by beautiful beaches. As a result, many of the stores plastic grocery bags often end up littering the streets or even the beach. These plastic bags often end up in the ocean which has been proven to harm wild life. Publix offers these harmful plastic bags to it's costumers at no cost which encourages costumers to use even more wasteful plastic. Sign this petition if you think Publix should stop offering single use plastic bags.

But the problem inst just that wasteful plastic bags that are handed out at checkout, the problem also lies in the plastic bags that are used to hold pieces of produce. These bags are completely free and are even encouraged. However, these bags are only used for a short time before they are thrown away which makes them very wasteful and therefore bad for the environment. I urge Publix to offer an alternative to these single use bags and to stop offering them or at the very least begin to charge consumers for them to discourage their use.