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Publix corporation is not unique in its efforts to utilize its corporate dollars, to invest in pollical lobbying campaigns to further its corporate interests. Such has been the case of a Publix supported PAC that was recently revealed to have supported Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam. A candidate who is an NRA member and a second amendment supporter. A man who also happens to have been endorsed by the nation's oldest civil rights organization, the NAACP.

However, according to the recently minted poster child for the anti gun lobby. Teenaged activist David Hogg. Publix was to be targeted for economic terrorism by Hogg and his undisclosed anti gun mentors and financiers. And as a result, having called for and led a die in at two Florida Publix stores on May 24th? Publix has surrendered to economic blackmail by Hogg and his financiers. This so called protest, was led by a know nothing teenaged minion; of the latest creation of the anarchist inspired and globalist funded attacks on America and it's people.

Therefore, it's time to stand up America. It's time to join the millions of other Americans who comprise an army of one. It is time to form those armies of one, into an army of millions. An army of those Americans who will stand on principle and stand up to the incessant attacks of a socialist egalitarian led war against this nation and its people.

Join our ranks and tell these corporate raiders and these anarchist influenced socialist that we too, can control and influence the almighty dollar in America. We too have power, when we unite behind the common beliefs and shared cause of standing up for what is right. Join our ranks and tell Publix and all other corporations in America, that we are tired of being politically and socially man handled. We are tired of our rights being trampled on and we are tired of being bullied by the forces of social anarchy and their leftist billionaire supporters. Our money has value also.

Pledge your support, to cease doing business with Publix corporation, until they reverse their decision to accept social blackmail and political embezzlement of our birth rights as Americans. Let Publix know and let every other corporation in America know, that we are Americans and we not only vote at the ballot box, but we also vote with our pocketbooks. And we will no longer be cowed into accepting social gerrymandering of our beliefs, our faith, our heritage, or our rights as Americans.

Our power is not based simply to boycott for the purpose of celebrity and notoriety as David Hogg's is. Our power is our ability to withhold our patronage of any corporation, company or individual for cause. Anyone who offends our sensibilities, our beliefs or threatens our constitutional rights will be called to answer for their actions. And any corporation that decides that bowing to the forces of the body politique of liberal socialism; and the destruction of the values of America, are more important to them than our business, is fair game for our power to target.

Enlist your army of one and join with the forces of good. Help become part of the power to defeat the evil that is gripping our nation and the rights of its people. Send a message that will be heard loud and clear. A message that will be recognized for the real power that can be directed by the force of millions. 

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