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Publish Timesplitters 4 and start development

Timesplitters was a game that stole everyones hearts back in the year 2000. When the next edition to the title came out ‘timesplitters 2′ gamers went even more mad over the fun and fresh feel of the gameplay. Timesplitters future perfect was the last in the series, and a timesplitters 4 was announced around 2008-2009 but since then free radical was shut down meaning timesplitters 4 was stuck in limbo. This petition is to show crytek and publishers everywhere that the game is still loved by many gamers today and would be a goldmine for crytek to start developing. Some quotes say ” its ridiculous to why they have not released it yet ”.. Many others ask for a kickstarter to show crytek interest. The last petition that was made about timesplitters 4 got up to 18 thousand signatures, this petition aims to break that and finally show publishers that timesplitters 4 is ready to go banana’s all over the gaming industrys modern day generic shooters

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  • Publishers to Publish Timesplitters 4 at Crytek UK

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