Ban plastic toys in comics and magazines

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Hi, my name is Skye and I am 10 years old. I am very concerned by the amount of plastic that is still being produced, thrown away and polluting our oceans and environment. This is why I want the magazine and comic publishers to really care for the environment and STOP giving away plastic toys with their publications.

I really enjoy reading the magazines, I particularly like 'Horrible Histories' but I just want the magazine, I don't want or need the cheap plastic toys which are either played with for a few minutes or break on the first use and then thrown away. Any 'gifts' that the magazines offer should be sustainable and ethical so that we can protect our planet for us and future generations.

I have already written to the publishers who have replied claiming that they are 'working very hard to make our magazines more environmentally friendly' they also state that the toys 'can be played with again and again offering enjoyment to lots of children' and that 'the toys can be recycled in some areas'. This is not acceptable the 'toys' are poor quality, cheap plastic, that no-one wants or needs.

McDonald's has recently stopped putting plastic toys in their Happy Meals, if they can do the right thing so can the publishers.

Please help me to get Magazine and comic publishers to STOP giving away plastic toys.