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Stop the Publishing and Sales Of I wish my kids had cancer:A Family Surviving Autism."

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Childhood cancer is uncommon but not rare. However, it remains the most common disease-related cause of death - more than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combines. Childhood cancer is second only to injury-related deaths among children in North America. About About 10,380 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

Having a child with Autism is awful, however having a child with cancer is even worse, and even worse for the child who has the cancer. Childhood cancer rips away innocence, rips away the child they once were, rips away friends, and struggles of what chemo and radiation does to a child's body. There is always new hurdles to over come. New illnesses or something that pops up that changes the child's life and follows them into adult hood. There is NO normalcy being a cancer survivor. Your social life is completely out the window, and the fear of cancer lingers, there's restless nights as this silent killer creeps lurking around and haunting you, always following you. In fact, cancer doesn't just haunt the children, it haunts the parents. Cancer is a destroyer of happiness, marriages, families, dreams and life goals.

However, cancer makes you appreciate the small things, the small victories. Being a childhood cancer survivor myself means constant repetition, writing things down, and being scared of any abnormal test result, and knowing the hospital is your second home. Having survived cancer is a blessing, but there's always a curse that comes with it. Endless surgeries, nights when you want to sleep are spent sitting in an emergency room because something's wrong, or a new bones broken, it means family isn't what it's supposed to be; so you have to make a new meaning and sense of the word family. Your cancer friends become of your family then your own actual biological family, rediscovering the person you are without trying to allow the cancer to define you. Really at the end of the day, it comes down to cancer winning, and your just the vessel it took over. There is barely any happiness, laughter is hard to come by and the person you once were has succumbed to a lonely dark place lost forever. 

Autism is awful, yes you have to repeat things but there's always hope. There is always hope, it's just less likely when your entire world shatters when you hear those words I'm sorry but your child has cancer. It becomes a draining never ending battle of saying good bye to your child which could be the last time when they go in for a surgery, or leaving the hospital to go home for a shower. Cancer is not something many people would ever wish on their enemy's, and Michael Alan I personally hope your children never get cancer, but instead be grateful for the life they have. Children with special needs are a gift, and not a burden they light people's world but this book is a mockery, and quite distasteful and untactful.

This book needs to stop being published because the publisher and author don't have a clue of what they have written. Yes there is a wish trip for kids with cancer, however its a light for them to look forward to and get them through their days, it's a trip for them and their family, a break. Life insurance and Health insurance for an adult childhood cancer survivor is a joke and a fight to get. This book is ridiculous,  and full of resentment and anger and should've never been published to start with.





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