Publish Politician's Pay

Publish Politician's Pay

29 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by David Taylor

You pay your politician's wages. Whether it be a Councillor or an MP, it's your tax money that goes in to their pockets. 

I think it's time we have greater transparency around what politicians are paid. 

MPs should self publish their pay, on their websites, and local Councillors should aim to do the same. 


How is it now?

It's not exactly a secret, you can find out your local Councillor's salary by viewing your local council's website. MPs are are on a set wage too, and an independent parliamentary body publishes details on expenses etc. 

However this information isn't always accessible or easy to find. There is an element, I think, of true transparency being just out of reach. 


Why does this matter? 

First, because it's your money going in to their pockets. If you're like me then you want to know where your money is going. You want to know if your MP or Councillor is good value for money. 

Second, this country has a history of political expenses scandals. Dodgy claims on second homes, MPs claiming meal allowances in suspect situations. 

Yes, I think MPs should be paid a decent wage for their job. It's a tough one, or at least it should be. But they should also reveal a lot more. 

Parliament recently voted to remove the temporary £20 uplift in Universal Credit, with some using the justification that "not everyone needs it". They then went on to debate MPs having second jobs, with the justification that this was a threat to "their lifestyle...". 


What about me? 

Who am I? 

My name is David Taylor and I am a Conservatives Councillor in Romford (London). I believe I am the first UK politician to self-publish my pay slip, displaying it on my personal website. 

You can see what I earn, from being a Councillor, and you can also see what tax I have paid. 

I think it's about time every politician do the same. 

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Signatures: 41Next Goal: 50
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