Publish data from noise monitoring meters at construction sites to increase accountability

Publish data from noise monitoring meters at construction sites to increase accountability

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Why this petition matters

Started by Z Ng


I would like to suggest changes to how construction noise is monitored and tracked for all construction sites in Singapore. As a resident of the Bedok Reservoir View neighbourhood, I have been much affected by the high level of construction noise that goes on after 7pm (link to video), and even after 10pm (link to video) and on Sundays (link to video). Residents that I communicated with have also reflected similar opinions.


Communicating with HDB

Over the past few months, I have spent considerable effort to provide feedback to HDB regarding the noise levels at their site (Tampines GreenEmerald, and Tampines GreenOpal). I will spare you the details of the back and forth. But to summarise, even though I believed that noise levels were being breached and provided video recordings, I was unable to convince HDB. 

I felt that I was being gaslighted. At one point I even started to question myself when I was constantly told that no construction works were going on etc. It was only after I took to recording the works that I convinced myself that there was nothing wrong with my memory.

Videos of construction at night and Sundays

The help from NEA

Things only took a turn after I reached out to NEA whose officers helped to check the readings on the noise monitoring meters. Their findings proofed that noise levels had exceeded the noise limits. They stated that enforcement action will be taken against the contractors for the violation. 

At that time, I believed that the nightmare was over. Admittedly, things did get better. However, over the next few months, there would be several days every other week when the construction noise after 7pm would suddenly get very loud again.

The crux of the matter

Maybe the contractors have breached the noise levels again? Maybe they did not? I really do not know for sure. However, these events are spaced out and its really tiring to email NEA every single time to provide details.

The experience of proving violations have been extremely frustrating. To be fair, I might have been wrong in my assessment too. There was a time when I felt that the noise level has been breached but NEA told me otherwise.

More importantly, the burden of checking on these contractors should not lie on citizens. The process of proofing their violations should not be so difficult. Otherwise, people who suffer might choose to keep quiet and do nothing. 

Suggestions to improve accountability

Hence, I suggest that NEA create a platform, where the readings from the noise monitors at each construction site can be published. It does not need to be real time and could be delayed for perhaps a week or two.

With these data publicly available, it would be easy for citizens to check and proof when contractors have violated the law. It would also serve as a deterrence to encourage contractors not to breach noise limits.

Contractors can still choose to obey the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law by cutting really close to the noise limit. But at least, we do get some accountability.

I sincerely hope that NEA would consider my suggestions.


235 have signed. Let’s get to 500!