Publicly funded religious schools shouldn't discriminate

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It's unbelievable that religious schools in WA, which receive millions of dollars of public funding each year, can legally expel students and sack staff members who come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender – or who have their private life disclosed by others.

Church schools can also refuse to enrol students from rainbow families and can sack any LGBTIQ staff member, including teachers, who legally marry under the Commonwealth Marriage Equality law passed last year.

Late last year, my friend Craig Campbell lost his teaching job at South Coast Baptist College in Waikiki WA because he told his supervisor he was gay. He was let go even though he was a respected teacher and a Christian, and had even attended the school as a child.

In 2015, Mandurah’s Foundation Christian College, told a 7-year-old girl she wasn't allowed to speak about her gay Dad at school. The principal said that the girl would not have been allowed to enrol at the school if he knew her father was gay.

We need to work together to close the loophole in Equal Opportunity Act (section 73) that allows religious schools to actively discriminate against staff and students on the basis of their sexuality and/or gender identity – characteristics that are as natural and unchangeable as someone's eye colour.

There should be no public funds for private prejudice.

We need your help to put pressure on the WA State Government to close the loophole in section 73 of the Equal Opportunity Act. Please sign this petition and encourage your friends to do the same.