IMF to not consider any lending for Pakistan which is a State sponsor of terrorism

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Pakistan has been covertly and overtly supporting terrorism for decades since its independence and has denied it in all along.   Details of its state sponsored Islamic terrorism can be found at

Its philosophy has been to bleed its enemies with a thousand cuts and has effectively used that with US against Afghanistan, and India against Kashmir. It has been using Pakistan Occupied Kashmir constantly for terrorist infiltration, for sniper attacks across LOC, ethnic cleansing, propaganda creation in Kashmir, sponsor regular terrorist attacks, youth radicalization and even printing counterfeit money to support its activities.

The country allocates disproportionate amounts of national budgets for military and the elected governments since independence have been in direct control of Inter-Services Intelligence (aka ISI which is Pakistan's intelligence agency) or heavily influenced by ISI that abets terrorism.

The most recent brazen attack happened on Feb14 at 3.15pm, when an indoctrinated Kashmiri youth converted to terrorism, has driven an 80-kg IED laden  SUV and ambushed a large convoy of India's Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), 20km from Srinagar in the Pulwama area killing 40+ people. Jaishe-e-Mohammed ( has claimed responsibility for this attack. 

Numerous countries have expressed solidarity with India in condemning this heinous act.  Following the attack, in a stern message to Pakistan, the White House asked Islamabad to "immediately end" its "support" to all terror groups and not to provide "safe haven" to them, as the US condemned the brutal Pulwama terror attack.  

Decades of mismanagement and corruption, have left it far behind in economic neighbors like India and the country is driven by an obsessive focus on de-stabilizing India and Afghanistan.  Dubbed as begging-bowl in the press, the country is currently negotiating bailout packages with China, Saudi Arabia and IMF.  

We urge the IMF to not consider any sort of aid to Pakistan.  This is an important part of economic isolation along with social and other isolation that the country should be subjected to have the country wean away from state sponsored terrorism.