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Remove Biased, Victim Blaming Compliance Officer from the CSU

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When I was raped by one of my classmates, I thought that the worst was over. When I sought help from my university's Title IX department, I was faced with endless bureaucracy, missed deadlines, and most frustratingly, rampant sexism and victim blaming from the people I relied on most.

My rapist was able to appeal the decision finding him guilty three times, creating an investigation that dragged on for over a year, biding time to allow him to graduate unchecked. Despite qualified parties, (psychologists, counselors,) determining that my account was credible, Marcie Gardner, stated that I, "lied about not voluntarily kissing the Respondent," "presented a significant credibility issue" because I posted a "provocative" photo of my knee in a bubble bath on social media.

She repeatedly mentions my "old boyfriend" and our "open relationship" in an attempt to discredit me to pursue the narrative that women who take control of their sexualities and personal lives are distrustful, deserve to be raped, and have violence thrust upon them. 

My rapist, after raping me, help me in his room and whispered to me, "that he had been imagining for so long that we were together," that he "couldn't wait to have me to himself," and that he wanted to, "forget about [my boyfriend.]" I was afraid for my life, having just been raped, and having this frightening, unhinged man say these things to me, in a house I did not know, in a neighborhood I did not know, without a way to get out. Gardner further attempts to discredit me by stating that she "serious[ly] doubt[s]" I felt like my rapist "was going to kill her after a sexual assault." As if murder is not often the result of sexual violence.

Marcie Gardner is unfit to hold her position within the CSU as an Investigator in the Chancellor's office.

In her own 'About me' section, Gardner brags that she "is devoted to the vigorous representation of adults and juveniles accused of all types of crimes, ranging from complex murder cases to simple traffic tickets," and "develop[ing] a unique expertise representing students facing public school expulsion hearings." She also alleges that, because "expulsions are occurring with increasing frequency, Marcie felt compelled to learn these procedures to help her juvenile clients." 

Does this sound like a fair, unbiased, and qualified judge? Do you believe that rape and assault victims will have a proper shot of protection when faced with a woman who makes her money defending rapists in her day job? 

The answer is no. 

Sexual assault, particularly in universities, is at an epidemic rate,  and we should be championing the women who speak out and seek justice, not shaming and silencing them, continuing their horror.

Tell the CSU that you will not stand for one more incident of victim blaming, and obstruction of justice.

Thank you, and please share to help me gain closure on this.


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