Sidewalk - Harvey Park, Fremont, CA

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We, the citizens of the town of Fremont living in Harvey Park neighborhood, petition the city to construct the sidewalk around the perimeter of the Harvey Park.

The neighborhood around the Harvey Park was built around 40 years back. There is no sidewalk around the perimeter of the Harvey Park until now.

One of our neighbors said that they are trying this forever and the Rene Dalton from the City of Fremont Public Works/Transportation Engineering Division also confirmed that it's in the plan but not prioritized. 

Following are some reasons why you should approve the sidewalk project around the Harvey Park this year and complete as soon as possible. 

1) Risk of cars hitting the joggers and children at the crossroads

Not having the sidewalk is forcing joggers to walk on the street side sidewalk, and they have to cross 15 streets to complete one round. This is creating an extremely dangerous situation when kids walk with their parents. At every road crossing (none of them have stop signs except 2 crossings.. which is a different problem) parents need to make sure kids are safely crossing the road. May residents stopped walking around the park as it is extremely dangerous.  

See Harvey Park crossroads

2) Risk of hitting the joggers and children while taking the car out from the driveway

The houses on the Grand Lake Drive and Lake Chad Street (around 70% - 23 out of 33 houses - on the perimeter of the park) are designed in a way that driveway of the home is towards the park. Risk of hitting a pedestrian when backing from their driveway is extremely high during the mornings, especially during the winter when the mornings are dark because residents are leaving to the work or to drop the kids at school in hurry and joggers walk their dogs. Many residents never walked in the morning because of this risk. Risk significantly increases when children are walking on the sidewalk as the driver backing the car because drivers can’t see the kids behind the cares. Not every car has a rearview camera. There are many old SUVs, trucks, vans parked on Grand Lake Drive and Lake Chad Street. As the park has the play area, during the evenings, risk of hitting kids while backing the car significantly increases.  

See houses around the Harvey Park with driveway towards the park

3) Health hazard to the jogger’s due to dog feces on the sidewalk and on the lawns

In addition, as there is no sidewalk around the park, dog owners also had to walk on the roadside sidewalk. This means, whenever dogs urinate on the lawn and small plants, they actually kill the lawn or the small plants around the sidewalk. As you can imagine, not all dog owners pick up the feces. If you walk around the sidewalk on Grand Lake Drive or Lake Arrowhead Ave around the park, you can see dog poop everywhere making it unpleasant to walk and creating a health hazard.

Now that you know the situation at Harvey Park:

1)    How would you feel about sending your kids to the playground at Harvey Park in the evening?

2)    How would you feel about walking with your kids around the Harvey Park on a beautiful summer day?

3)    If you live on Grand Lake Drive and Lake Chad Street, how would feel about letting your kids play on the lawn in front of your home?

4) How would you feel about jogging around the Harvey Park on winter Monday 7 AM?

We hope you don’t want to wait unit something happens to the people or kids to build a sidewalk around the Harvey Park. 

Therefore, we request you to immediately prioritizing the sidewalk around the perimeter of the Harvey Park.

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