Save lake and water bodies

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Velachery lake is the important water bodies. It was sized about 200 acres and now it is reduced 33 acres. Encroachment done by general public and also government housing board. Good water is polluted by the people. As per the guidelines given by supreme court goverment order 540, representation sent to government bodies and Several representation done from west velachery lakshmi hayagreevan nagar association and nearby association. As the year 2017,Velachery artificial flood caused by negligence of authorities and political influence. Just because of 4000 voters around 1 lakh voters are suffering.  The 1 lakh people pays tax to the government but 4000 people living in encroachment and slum area. Detailed survey conducted by the department and several representation given.every time it points to other department and political game is goes on. The encroachment started in 1981 and still one is ready to realize the importance of saving water for next generation. Last update on government officials waiting for the order from minister which was published in dinamalar.political parties entertain encroachment and not realizing what they do others will backfire their own generation.