Relocate Bus Stop From the Front of Local Community Restaurant

Relocate Bus Stop From the Front of Local Community Restaurant

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Started by Taylah Jane

We are Sassy Italian Restaurant, and we're located at 1 Dryburgh Street, West Melbourne! We're only a 60-second walk from North Melbourne train station.

We love servicing local commuters, some of our most valued regulars are those returning to the hustle and bustle of life! 

However, we have a small issue. The 403 bus stop to Melbourne Univesity is also located right on our doorstep! From 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM at night we have busses quite literally at our front door. 

For Sassy's and our customers, that means a lot of disruption. Exhaust fumes entering the restaurant, cigarette smoke from commuters, loud noise from busses arriving every three minutes during their peak and every 10 minutes off-peak.

Not only do we face regular disruptions as a result of this bus stop location, but it is also preventing us from setting up an outdoor dining area! Other restaurants are moving parts of their operation to the outdoors...Setting up street dining and offering more covid friendly and covid normal options, but we haven't been able to take this step and it's harming our business!

Now we aren't asking for the bus stop to be removed entirely, in fact, we have the perfect solution!  There is a road that runs behind our restaurant called Railway Place...It would be the ideal place for busses to pull into, it is just as close to the train station as the current location with easy access back to the main road. The relocation would further facilitate the growth of our restaurant and the local community area! 

Our restaurant is located below an apartment complex, with a burger joint opening next door. Across the road is another apartment complex that is being built. This is a community area, and we would like the oppurtunity to offer our local community the best service and experience possible. 

Please help us, sign our petition to move this bus stop to an area that would allow the local community to flourish further!

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!