Better transport on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines. Time for compensation!!

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The people of SE Melbourne have had enough! Thousands of people rely daily on the public transport system to get them too and from work, yet are continuously failed by the system. We are sick of our voices not being heard and our concerns not being taken seriously.

Undue stress is caused by the constant train failures in the area. We have shown patience and made alternative travel arrangements, particularly during the level crossing removal and high capacity train upgrades, however enough is enough. The SE suburbs are booming with growth and the infrastructure is not supporting this, causing major inconvenience on a daily basis to good people trying to make a living. 

We petition for:

 - Compensation for major delays 
- Free travel during periods where buses are replacing trains for upgrades, due to the fact we are out of pocket by making other travel arrangements 
- Fairer reporting on line performance - statistics shown are based on performance from ALL train lines over the month and do not take into consideration that the Cranbourne and Pakenham line has constant delays and cancellations. This is not a fair representation of line performance and we miss out on any chance of compensation as a result of this

We have been to PTV, Metro and the Ombudsman and no one takes us seriously. Enough is enough.

Families are impacted as the delays mean they can’t get back in time to pick up children from child care. Jobs are on the line because managers appropriately performance staff with adherence issues. It’s beyond a joke. 

If action is not taken we will call for a mass fare evasion. We are sick of hearing “thank you for your patience” over the loud speaker. We are out of patience!! You don’t want us to abuse your staff but you do nothing to fix the situation. There are too many faults with the line and faulty trains on the track.