The head of Ofsted, Ms Amanda Spielman must resign due to her indoctrination against Islam

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Ms Amanda Spielman is unable to integrate into the British society.  She is unlawfully targeting Muslims community by victimising Muslim children at schools while using the authority given to her by the job which she can't adequately do.

First, it's common sense that covering body with religious garments is an act of modesty. So it's unquestionably the opposite of sexualisation.  While uncovering more body parts (specially more than you choose to do it yourself) IS THE SEXUALISATION.  Ms Spielman's claim of sexualisation through religion and modesty is only throwing some words that she can't back up if someone has taken her to court in order to prosecute for such offensive accusation. 

Second, her claim of discrimination is the most ridiculous because being proud of your religious identity is the celebration which is opposite of discrimination.  Ms Spielman is trying to defy the common sence and the universal values AGAIN.

The lack of logic and common sence that Ms Spielman inflicts on the British educational system raises concern about every child involved, not only the Muslims, the Christians or the Atheists.

The government shouldn't support those who fights against modesty in children and who treats practicing religion as a sexual act. 

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