No garbage on streets and road sides

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Almost all people on this earth like cleanliness around themselves but most of them don’t like to mentain that by their own efforts.

People think that its not a part of their duty and they throw their garbage at any place they like without thinking the consequences .

I say that cleanliness can be mentained by two ways,first is to make it dirty and look for government body to make it clean and second easy one is to mentain cleanliness by not throwing garbage at public places and road sides but in dustbins or at specifically approved places .

We should aware people for this by various ways and means such as Shramdaan ,Road Rallies,Drawing competitions,Essay writing etc.

If we work on this ,surely we shall be able to decrease disease rate and a healthy atmosphere can be created around us.

I request people to come forward and stop people from throwing garbage on streets and also suggest to make area wise teams to aware people either by working as Shramdaan or communicating verbally .

This will help a lot to make our earth a better place to live for us and our generations too.


Amit Kumar Agarwal


Uttar Pradesh.