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World Healing Society Foundation was established in the year 2012 with the candle march for Nirbhaya/Damini Delhi rape case of Dec 16th 2012. Today after 7 years again we have another horrendous rape case of a young Veterinary Doctor from Hyderabad. WHY?



WHY do we find people with a sick mentality of committing rape?

Irrespective of gender, age, and not to forget species. We come across so many articles, news on rape against women, children, men and animals.

WHY such mind set?

·       Is it because of lack of education, improper upbringing, lack of compassion, lack of spiritual growth, failed judiciary system, sick cultural belief system, or country?

Since 2012 the rape cases have increased. In one of the surveys conducted by Thomas Reuters Foundation, India is ranked on No. 1 in terms of the most dangerous country in the world for women because of sexual violence.

Then there is the matter of evidence. Convictions in rape cases depends on DNA evidence from forensic science.

There are only SIX forensic labs in India. In India the conviction rate is only 28.2%. Efforts are made to make the judicial system more efficient and to give stronger penalties to the convicted rapists.  

POSCO was passed and some amendments were made in the law against Rape in 2016. Death penalty for the culprit who rapes someone below the age of 12 years was introduced.


We need not just the laws to be passed as bills in the parliaments of the world but to implement them at the earliest with the best of efforts and force.

Its not about one particular country or gender. Rape is one of the most hideous act in any civilised society where the victim through coercion is stiffed of the basic right to maintain one's integrity.

One thing we need to focus here is,


·       A society is a collective conscience, hence there needs to be a paradigm shift in the way we look at each other in other words when we inculcate the practice of giving the desire respect and dignity to all the earthly beings.

·       When men treat women as humans not an object of sexual gratification.

·       When children are free to be themselves without the fear of being robbed of their integrity and innocence.

·       When the victim doesn't have to bear the burnt of that dark incident anymore and don't have to hide for the fear of stigma.

·       When animals live safely as they too owe the right to live with dignity as much humans do.

·       When men are not violated of their essence for just being a masculine force.

·       When the culprits are treated for the consequences of their action in no time with stringent of punishment so that no other person ever dares to think of such acts in their wildest of dreams let alone act.


Reasons are many. But solutions are only three.

1.     Spiritual uplifting of the entire human race.

We have seen tremendous transformation in terrorists, criminals only through spiritual guidance and practices like developing self awareness by meditating and other such practices. But it's a slow process and it will take a few decades starting from now to see a positive transformation spiritually in the entire human race which will be full of compassion, love and self aware. So what until the transformation really comes? Here comes the second solution.

2.     Death sentence/strict punishment.

When society isn’t ready to understand the importance of respecting every creature's dignity till then a stringent punishment is required to control such violent and heinous act. Fear is the first and the fundamental factor that can control a society that lacks true human qualities and is barbaric at its core.

3.     Proper education regarding sex.

Reinforcing the values, beliefs and the knowledge of sex and sex abuse in our education system to prevent the sick psyche in the generation next.

Share your views and we appeal to you to join us in our open letter to the Government, Leaders, Judiciary people and the public at large.

We as people need a 180° shift in our perception and views to grow into a more humane society.

Start the revolution within don't sit in silence to wait for someone else to talk on behalf of us.




Estd. 2012 (F-3303)

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