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Protect LGBT Youth from being harassed

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Many LGBT Youth have been harassed and all schools do is build cases. The only time they do anything is if it happens many, many times. Sometimes it’s too late because students are scared or don’t know who to go to, to report what has happened. I know this because I went through this. It only happened once to me but I know I’m not the only one or the last one. LGBT youth is 2 to 3 more likely to attempted suicide than heterosexual youth. We need to stop this and I think if LGBT Youth have a place to go to report things that happen at school that can go down.

I want it to where once the person has been proven guilty of harassing another student a disciplinary action takes place. If the harassment happens more than three times, by the same person, it should be handled like a bully case would be. Also students should be able to go to anyone in the school to report it. The report will then go to the dean, which is who will carry out the talk between the two parties and decide the punishment for the guilty party.



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