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Provide Vegan Students with Proper Lunches

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Vegan (n.) : a person who does not eat or use animal products.

More and more people in today's world are going vegan. Veganism is a great way to save the earth, improve health conditions, and help animals. 

In 2009, only 1.5% of the US population was vegan. Now, that number is estimated at 2.5%. This percentage represents 1 million individuals. This number is constantly growing. 

Many of these people are in the public schooling system. It is not fair to these students that they are not provided with adequate lunches. Rice, beans, and tofu are some of the most nutrient dense vegan foods-and the most affordable.

I am asking the public school system to provide one sustainable meal for not only their vegan students-but their health conscious students. 

It is unfair for these students who are trying to change the world to have to struggle when it comes to school lunches. Many students only have the option of having salad, but more often than not it contains meat and/or cheese. And those lucky enough to have a salad bar still aren't being provided with the proper nutrients.

A goal of many school lunch programs is to teach kids about healthy choices, but they seem to have left out the vegan students.

In order to accomplish this goal, I am asking for your help. Myself, along with many others, are planning to go to multiple cities in Massachusetts this month to fight for these students, but we need YOUR help. We are formulating meal options, presentations on veganism and nutrition, and creating a plan of action.

Our first target is the individual cities and towns in the state. From there, we plan to move on and make this a state wide initiative. 

We are asking you to sign this petition that we will present to school committees and state legislators. The more people who are supporting us, the better chance we have at creating a change. 

If you live in Massachusetts and wish to help us reach out to school committees, or would like to be added to an email list, please email

Thank you all so much and I will be sure to provide updates on our progress. 



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