Petition for grades, late work, and tardies not to be held against students 2020-2021

Petition for grades, late work, and tardies not to be held against students 2020-2021

March 3, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Zaria DaSilva

   As of 2020-2021 students have been put under immense pressure and stress, due to the changes that have been made to fit in with the new world we have been adjusting too. Students working at home could possibly have WiFi issues, and a distracting work area. Lack of human contact, adaptation difficulties, no support resources, an absence of time management skills, & no motivation; could be putting a strain on students mental health, which will then affect the performance abilities of the students. 
     Students who claim they were straight A’ students now say they have failing grades. On the app ‘Tik tok’ many students express how they feel about the new changes and difficulties following school as of 2020-21. “We need a break”            “We are kids”  “I am tired” 

     Some teachers also make it more difficult for students at home, requiring students videos on, even when not taking a test. You never know the living conditions of students at home, in addition students might be uncomfortable with cameras on. Some students might have anxiety therefore making it harder for them to focus with their cameras on. 
Furthermore also being strict with due dates and turn in times, along with a pile of work. 

     A good factor is that all over social media students have been creating online groups in which they share homework and help each other with assignments as well as motivating each other. I think it’s amazing that students from different counties, states can come together and be so well organized. 

According to -

   “Students say taking classes online has not been easy, and they want teachers to understand that not every home is conducive to learning. But some teachers say they're limited in what they can do, and it never quite feels like enough.”

“In mid-April, KaMarie Jones, a junior in college in Atlanta, tweeted about how "emotionally and mentally draining" the new realities are and her tweet soon went viral. Many students quickly retweeted and began venting about their own frustrations.” 

"There are some days where I can sit and complete my work and other days where nothing seems to click in my brain, and I just can't find the motivation to complete the work," she said. "It was like every day I became less and less motivated."

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   Students are overwhelmed. Possibly all this stress could lead to future learning complications /ability. It sometimes feels as if teachers fail to understand we have a life besides school and we need time to relax, when they bombard us with excessive work. When we have too much work to catch up on, it makes us less interested in studying or practicing due to the fact we have done too much. 
    It feels as if our cry for help is being ignored. My goal is to get the government and public school districts to realize the immense hike of stress, students take in on a daily, and somehow make some adjustments that will help us. Thank you!

- Zaria DaSilva 
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Signatures: 82Next Goal: 100
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