Keep Terrence Burlingham in Prison

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In late 1984, one of the darkest times for the community of Cranbrook BC, on separate occasions two young ladies with their entire future ahead of them were raped, shot twice, and murdered in the prime of their life.  Denean Worms was found in a gravel pit outside of Cranbrook, left like a pile of garbage to be found. Brenda Hughes was found inside their home by her parents, something that haunts them to this day.

It is important to understand the depth of the depravity in Terrence Burlingham in order to realize this is a person who should never be let out of jail on parole, ETA’s or otherwise, he will reoffend and it will be only a matter of time before someone gets hurt and another family has to go through what our two families have.

For the 35 years that Terrence has been in jail, he has not once apologized, said sorry, or shown any form of remorse for what he has done.  He is unable to do that because he is a sadistic, sociopathic killer, who only understands he enjoyed what he did, it excited him sexually. There are reasons why he has not been granted parole, he is dangerous, the CCPB have said it on numerous occasions.

A couple of years ago, at William Head Correctional Facility on Vancouver Island Terrence attacked a case worker after feeling sexual urges, thankfully they were in the presence of a guard.  If not, we would probably be discussing the death of another individual at the hands of this cold blooded killer.

The Worms and Hughes families do not want what has happened to Denean and Brenda to ever happen again at the hands of Terrence Burlingham, and the only way for that to happen is for Terrence to be left in prison for the rest of his natural life.  Not at a minimum or medium security prison, but within the walls of a maximum security prison where he belongs. Terrence is a threat to society and he should not be let out for ETA’s for any reason, this only presents an opportunity for escape.

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