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Resignation of president of ICAI and council members of ICAI

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U all are aware that what has happened in CA day, prime minister has clearly speak in front of 20000 people in our programme that we chartered accountants are helping people to make black money and u guys must be aware that CA Rajesh Sharma is the sole organiser of the event of CA day .. guys u know about the mis management of the CA day .. the entry gate for members is not opened and members could not able to enter into the stadium even police has mis behave with us... There were around 20000 seats for the crowd but as per the news only 300 Chartered Accountant s were there.. the question is who was there when chartered accountants were not there.. around 11 crore has been spend on that day .. why there is mis use of the funds of students and CA's.. when our PM was passing comment over us , no council member dare to raise the voice..  it's time to change and change our leader

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