Remove Racist Teacher from SK Convent Teluk Intan

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SK Convent Teluk Intan is a missionary school which consist of all race students. Lately Pn Fauziah Md Salleh who is a teacher in this school posted a racist remark on the Deepavali celebration which was held in another school.

She have posted a racist remark in a public group - Penduduk Teluk Intan . Her statement indicates " Lihat lah apa yg tlh berlaku di salah satu sklh rendah kbangsaan di hilir perak.Sambutan deepavali...Di selitkan bacaan doa berunsurkan agama hindu...."mereka" sudah semakin berani....

This statement clearly indicate that she is instigating the public to react and she promote through social media. As a teacher she could have communicate with the school management on this if she is not happy but WHY she need to instigate the public to react on this matter.

This teacher need to be remove from this school to protect the students in the school. She disqualify herself to teach in a missionary school with this racist mindset. Please safe SK Convent Teluk Intan's originality . No racist practice in school.

Please change !