Removal of Prostitutes off Ilford Lane

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I walk daily with disgust on Ilford Lane due to sheer lack of action from officials on dealing with prostitution problems we face in Redbridge. 

Prostitution is a very Nasty trade where Women are being explioted and These hideous Pimps are making £££Thousands weekly.

Not only is it bringing Drunk, Hungry perverted Men but crime rates have risen due to the carelessness of the authorities Where is the councilor ? Mayor ? Police ? Our Women are not safe with kids to go to basic places of nessesities such as shops or petrol stations as there is a Abundant of Sex starved men with women literally Naked standing on corners from beggining to the end of Ilford lane.

This does not happen ANY other Borough. You really want your Kids to be brought up in a sick environment like this??

Take action Now .. Stop Prostitution on Ilford lane Now... Talk is cheap.... Time for Action ... Legal Action

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