Rate single star (hate it) to PM's book "Exam Warriors" in support to SSC scam protest

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On Friday eve when the whole country was celebrating holi,a large no. of students were continuing their protest against the Scam of SSC without proper food,water nd shelter.They have gathered from all part of India.No any concerned government representative wished to meet them.They were seen crying nd fainting on a media coverage.Our Prime Minister pretends to care for students and in the process has written the book "Exam Warriors" but not speaking a word about this.I request you all to sign this pettion nd give one star to his book on Google palystore from your android or by clicking on the url 


and also write negative reviews to that nd also on all other online selling sites so that we can give him a message that we want a clean and clear and cirruption free education system and thus extend our support to the students and CBI enquiry against the scam.We are unable to join them but can do what ever is possible and show a symbolic support and unity.