Tell the Montana PSC: Don't Block Public Participation

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Public participation in governmental decision-making is our constitutional right in Montana, but the bumbling Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) is voting on critical issues about our future energy system without allowing citizens to speak, or offer data, or criticize the proposals. 

It's time to tell Commissioners they are breaking the law and must rescind their votes and go back to do it right, listening to citizens.

On April 14  Commissioners voted 3 to 2 against studying whether climate change will impact Montana's future power system. They did so after canceling public comment when someone "zoom-bombed" an elected representative who wanted to speak. The Commissioners must re-vote.

It's not the teleconferencing company's job to make sure Montana citizens can speak. It's the PSC's responsibility. Montana's Attorney General, Tim Fox, recently said , even during the covid-19 pandemic, the PSC is required "to adopt policies which permit and encourage public participation in agency decisions.”

Citizen participation must be in place prior to the final decision. Otherwise, the PSC must do it over.