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Lethal Rape

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See guys every day lakhs of girls are harrassed and eve teased and approximately all of them neither take a stand against this nor any one present near by do so. As no one dares to stop them resulting in rape cases. According to National Crime Record bureau 98 girls are raped each day in India. But what takes place  after this is that people goes on strikes, and end up gaining nothing. Because the girl is already raped. And she wants is what happened with her should not happen with any other girl. But people do nothing for this no one dares to take a STAND against things which leads to rape cases. 


But now in this new and modern world you hav a chance to do something in order not only reduce rape cases but also make girls feel safe when they step out of there homes 

Now all you need to do is that when you see someone guys eve teasing a girl is that -

Approach her ask her to take a stand against these guys. 

Collect the public and rather than beating them up take there cell phones and call their mother, father and sister. 

And now ask these guys to eve tease there mother and sister. 

They will feel really guilty resulting in change in there mind set 

Last thing you need to do is call the police and the police will what is further required. 

Just by doing these things mentioned above you can really contribute towards women security and make India a better place to live. 

Not only this but doing so will make your family and friends more safe and confident. 

If we "The Youth Of India" will take stand then i promise you within a couple of years rapes cases will get abolished here and you will thanks yourself for making such an tremendous contribution towards the country. 

JAI Hind Jai Bharat 







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