Justice for Sushant singh rajput


Justice for Sushant singh rajput

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Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment on June 14 2020. Cause of death-suicide. It has been reported that the actor was battling depression for the past six months.

Sushant's popularity was exceptional, in this context. He arrived from Bihar leaving behind a promising career in engineering, had his brief struggle as a back-up dancer and on TV, before quickly entering the list of exciting,  Bollywood stars.

So, then what went wrong?

Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide has sparked off a conversation around the ruthless ways of Bollywood's power camps -- especially for young aspirants who come to realise their dreams as ''outsiders'' from all over India, with no bloodline to flaunt.

The general sense that the film and television industry does not care for its own -- unless you are an offspring of the industry - is not new. It was gaining ground over the past decade or so. 

It has been reported that he had been boycotted by several powerful banners. He was constantly treated like an outsider.  He was bullied to suicide.He lost the films in just six months. Why? The film industry's ruthlessness works on a very different level. And that ruthlessness took the life of one talented person. 

Before the 'Bollywood Elite Club' claims more innocent lives of Sushants. We need to stop feeding the monster. As general public, we need to BOYCOTT big movie productions like Dharma, YRF, and many others who refuse to give opportunities to outsiders like you and me. Being born to a non-bollywood family should not be a crime. 

Justice For Sushant- End Bollywood elite club, nepotism and bollywood mafia business.He must have been in so much pain to think that was his only option. This could have been avoided. We the public know that it was constant bullying that he suffered for the past one year that lead to it. 

He was constantly denied empathy while he was alive. And,  that's when he needed it the most. People that were responsible for this need to be held accountable. Lets not get fooled by the fake social media posts by these celebrities that were the ones that were indirectly responsible for this drastic step. 

Sushant was loyal to his fans. He treated everyone with respect and dignity. Celebrities and his  fans alike. 

Let's  stand up for Sushant. Let his death not go in vain. Let's Rise Up together and end this mafia business in bollywood.
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Coz I hate the politics which is going on on Bollywood industry ...they are not leting the New talented actors like Sushant to be in this cruel industry...… Read more

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