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Public Justice

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I know that my family is not the only family that has been through this before... Something needs to be done and life isnt the same as it should be. I need your stories, your input, your signitures. Its time for things to change

My family constists of myself, my husband, and my 2 children. We have been on the worst roller coaster ride in the last year of our lives, This real life nightmare has been running our love, our money, our lives.

Back in 2011 our neighbors had made false accusations against my family. My husband was arrested for terroristic threats. He had done what was needed in order to live his life and continue. The neighbors then lost their house (Karma right?)

We had to go through the probation process and were getting it transfered to a different state. Advised by the state of Georgia we had permission to leave the state, we had arrived in the state of Wisconsin and lived here for 1 year. We never had spoken with the actual Probation officer in Wisconsin and when we had tried to contact the probation office in Wisconsin they had advised that they had never recieved anything for us. We had tried to contact the probation officer in Georgia numerous times and left voice mails and messages through the front desk. We never recieved any letters, phone calls. Nothing.

Then one day when I was at work and my husband was with my 3 year old daughter, there was a knock on the door and it was 2 police men with a warrent. They had came in and saw my daughter. My husband had tried to contact me and was unsuccessful, they then put him in hand-cuffs in front of our daughter. My husband then pleaded that they let him make another phone call to a friend, they allowed him to wait until the friend had arrived.

He was arrested for leaving the state of Georgia, my husband was charged for a Fellony warrent for a lie that was told by 3 individuals. He had been in jail and we had worked with the attorney and we were able to find out that the probation officer in Georgia had quit and had never transfered it over. The case was then sent to a new probation officer in Georgia and attempted to transfer again but did not complete the transfer instead put a warrent out.

My husband sat in Jail for 30 days until an Understanding judge had finally provided with a $500 down from a $10,000 bond. When he was bonded out, then we had been given the probation officers supervisor number and had advised her of the situation along with the attorney. She had advised my husband that the warrent will be lifted in Georgia and the probation to be finally transfered.

We were on the 90th day of the of the warrent and the warrent wasn't dropped in Georgia, and then the transfer of probation was denied due to him being in Wisconsin.

Since he was out on Bond we had then went to Georgia to go to the probation office directly and speak with the supervisor.

When we had arrived to the office we had gone to the front desk and advised that he was coming to see the supervisor and advised her of the story. The receptionist told him to leave and that the new probation officer that this was transfered to in Georgia was in training and he couldn't speak with her either. (The women that the case was transfered to was in training when she had put the warrent out.)

We stayed in Georgia and called the probation officer's supervisor by the phone had told us that she would not drop the warrent and said thats why the probation wasn't transfered. My husband then had the attorney call her directly and then she was willing to drop the warrent and transfer the probation.

In the mean time while the warrent was lifted in Georgia, This is when Wisconsin had placed a warrent out for my husband for missing court. The heart-ache begins again.

Attempting to get the warrent in Wisconsin lifted since there were no charges actually in Wisconsin and its now been going on for a month as far as the Wisconsin warrent. I had attempted to contact the District attorney and was turned away advising that I can't directly speak with them.

I have nothing I can do by myself.... With strength in numbers we can aquire justice and attempt to have peace within our own nation.

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