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Join AGAINST Organized Homeopathy-Competition-Elimination CAMPAIGN by Allopath's & Pharma

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Please find few latest links against Homeopathy on East Coast News & Asianet News pages where we find broadly unleashed baseless allegations out of sheer bias and vengeance attempting elimination of homeopathy competition in healthcare scenario. Most of their mentions are far from facts !

Unfortunately it is brought out by medias without a detail introspection and background check, and it can grossly mislead public and with great impact as Homeopathy has its history from a pre-independence standing as a patronized healthcare discipline until to date where it is an integral part of AYUSH Ministry with its own council for administration as a democratic body(CCH), a council for research with near 40 major centers across the country (CCRH), with its international connections with atleast 25 countries in research and resource sharing.

India is also an integral part of the LMHI. the largest international organization of Homeopathy professionals and the next International President is an Indian, Dr Alok Pareek, who assumes office the end of this month. The head of its research division is Dr RM Manchanda is also the Director General of CCRH under central AYUSH ministry -

It is also increasingly evident that there is an organized and collective PR work influencing all the major media houses by allopathy pharma/allopaths/private sector medical colleges where there is some panic to eliminate homeopathy competition and many western media has already reported the same

The timing is also special as it is when the admissions in professional colleges are happening and also there is a wide observation that the separate AYUSH ministry at the center and the development and funding of the department in the state levels has exponentially enhanced the deliverable's of homeopathy along with other AYUSH streams much efficiently in public and private healthcare delivery.

This allegation is at a point when Homeopathy in the past couple of decades has emerged with hundreds of research papers on Homeopathy that have proved it's fundamental research efficiency and moving on at a larger and faster pace to functionality studies at different levels including nano-medicines at various centers.

There are hundreds of them done by scientists worldwide who are form areas of molecular-biology, physiologic chemistry, physics, nano-technology, nano-pharmacology, high-dilution research, new drug discovery etc and include studies in areas of pathogenic trials, cell-line studies, in-vitro and in-vivo studies etc.

It shall be great if the news is explored deep, the controversies inquired into, and corrective measures taken so that their one-sided views, social media tirade against Homeopathy out of gross intolerance grading to the extend of desire to wipe out the Homeopathy discipline and to eliminate its academia ! This is evident from a call on itself urging parents not to send students to Homeopathy Medical Colleges grossly disgracing the profession and its capacity that it has proven for more than a century in India !

The need to joint hands against this is imminent and most important as this stream of healthcare is one of the most crucial and often indicated as the future of healthcare free of side-effects and also as the most cost effective until date !

Dr Sreevals Menon

Managing Trustee, Global Homeopathy Foundation 

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