Innocent 5 Indian are into prision of Greece

Innocent 5 Indian are into prision of Greece

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The five youths of Punjab are closed in the prisons of Greece. These people were caught in the sea ship of a illegal declared company on December 2017. The Greek Navy had arrested nine people from the ship. There were also five young men of Punjab. Two of them are from gurdaspur district. Off Thakur and Bhupinder Singh's family in the prisons of kāhanūvāna and Greece have been appealed to foreign minister sushma swaraj to bring him back. The family said he does not know the names and addresses of three other young men in Punjab. In December, there was an explosive material at the sea ship of the mega company in December, the father, strong singh and Bhupinder Singh's father of Bhupinder Singh, said that his son was closed in the jails of Greece from December 2017. In April 2017, the strong and bhupinder chand had given a job for a 2017 lakh rupees in the marine ship for a million and bhupinder. The Agent sent both of them to Greece for jobs in the mega company ship.

The relatives said that the mega-company was the main engineer and bhūpindara singh in the ship. In December 2017, when his ship was loaded from turkey to Greece, the navy took the ship into custody with nine members. After that the ship was searched, 29 containers of explosive materials were recovered. After this all the staff of the ship were shut down in various jails.

These two young men are completely innocent. Under a big conspiracy, these country's sons have been framed.

Strong Singh and balveer chand said that he had talked to foreign minister sushma swaraj and Union Minister Vk Singh in Delhi about a week ago for the release of his children. But yet there has been no action for the release of the youth between the central government and the Greece government. They are also contacting the local leaders, so that their children can return home.

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