Remove the Railroad Tracks from 5th Street in River Market

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Brian Benjamin
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There is an abandoned railroad crossing on 5th Street, just East of Broadway that has been an
ongoing issue for a long time.  The city has patched the potholes around the railroad tracks but they keep coming back immediately after the temporary repairs have been made. The only permanent repair is to cut out the railroad tracks and rubber mats adjacent to them, then re-pave the entire section with asphalt to match the rest of the roadway.  

This street sees over 16 thousand vehicles every day per recent traffic data, and many of the vehicles have to slow down to a near stop to pass over the railroad tracks without damaging their vehicles.  This causes a traffic safety issue at all times of the day, and has led to accidents from vehicles being rear-ended when slowing down and merging.

In addition to causing damage and alignment issues to citizens' and visitors' vehicles, the tracks cause larger vehicles to create a ton of unnecessary noise when driving over them at speed.  This is particularly noticeable when larger commercial trucks carrying heavy loads pass through the stretch at regular speed as evidenced from the videos in the link below.

As the developers of the property adjacent to this issue, we have taken the lead on formally requesting that the railroad tracks be removed by the city, through the city's Public Improvement Advisory Committee (known as the PIAC).   The PIAC prioritizes improvements that have unanimous neighborhood and citizen support, so by signing this petition, you will make a significant impact towards expecting permanent repairs to be made.