Remove Dr. Nicola Mercer from public health. Wellington dufferin Guelph public health.

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Due to Dr. Mercers authoritarian, gestapo like pandemic mask mandate for all Guelph wellington dufferin businesses and employees.  We feel she is a threat to public health.  From promoting mandatory vaccinations,  to forced mask wearing for all residents.  Meanwhile while during the closures, only masks were recommended.   We feel this is just Dr. Nicola Mercer flexing her muscles as an authoritarian, who feels the need to control the entire populations actions of  Wellington dufferin Guelph area.  There is zero scientific evidence which supports her mandate.  Guelph area residents have expressed the interest, to make their shopping purchases in surrounding counties.   Further damaging our local economy.  It's time for Dr. Nicola Mercer of Guelph Public Health to be removed for her actions taken.