The government to test certain products that protect against coronavirus

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The coronavirus is a pandemic that has spread accross the globe. It has led to the shut down of business and human activities that if not stopped soon will bring about the collapse of western economies and most likely civilisation itself..

There are products sold by leading retailers that have been proven to kill bacterias and viruses including coronavirus, MEMS, SARS, Norovirus,, even MRSA. These products are, unlike disinfectants, harmless to humans being manufactured from materials that form the defence mechanisms of plants. Therefore they are applied as nasal sprays. 

Because the products are not mainstream they are almost sold out. To meet potential demand extra manufacturing will require extra investment. 

We simply want the government to validate the efficacy of these products and publish whether they agree as to their effectiveness or not. The cost for Public health England to do this is nothing. If these products are deemed to work then the pandemic problem is over. If not no one is in any worse position than they are now.