Public Health England to fund a Sepsis awareness TV advertisement

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Last year my Grandad, Lester, suddenly passed away after developing Sepsis following a chest infection.

Sepsis is a life threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection injures its own tissues and organs. Sepsis leads to shock, multiple organ failure and death especially if not recognized early and treated promptly.

Despite being visited by a doctor and having his symptoms explained by my Grandma (as he was unable to himself), the doctor failed to put two and two together and recognise the signs of Sepsis. Lesters condition became rapidly worse and he was taken to hospital the next day where, again, Sepsis was not suspected until it was too late.

He passed away later that afternoon, just hours after phoning home to his wife to say that he had had a shave and was to return home to her soon.

This cruel condition snatched him away from us before his time and I believe with greater awareness of the symptoms of Sepsis this could have been avoided.

Until now, none of my family had even heard of the condition, let alone know what symptoms to look out for. A main symptom being the inability to pass urine (alongside with fever, a change in mental state - confusion, aches and pains, amongst others...). My Grandma reported this to the Doctor who visited Leister at home, however this did not ring alarm bells to the professional. Leister also had a very high temperature, despite saying he felt cold. He was unable to move from his armchair from where he sat, in and out of consciousness, all night long. My Grandma with him, feeling completely helpless, even after a Doctors visit.

As upsetting and frustrating as his passing was it has given me a passion to make the general public and primary healthcare professionals more aware of this condition, the symptoms to look out for and what to do to treat it.

I think a Television Advertisement would be the most effective method of spreading this message. One such as the Act F.A.S.T, Stroke awareness campaign, which I believe is highly effective at making the public aware of strokes and to be able to recognise symptoms.

This campaign is calling on Public Health England to fund such an advertisement.

Sepsis kills around 44,000 people a year - that's more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. It affects people of all ages and without been recognised and acted upon fast often results in fatalities.

Please help make a change to stop this silent killer.

See Sepsis, Stop Sepsis, Save Someone.


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