Making Back Surgery legal again

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There are possibly hundreds, maybe thousands of people suffering from back problems, majority of which have no other option but to have back surgery! Now with back surgery being made illegal, this now means that those people who are in need of these surgeries are being left to live their lives in unbearable, excruciating pain, the likes to which others can not understand!! These people are in chronic pain everyday of their lives and are left with next to no help! They are told they will have to live with the pain, most of these people have been used to having a fairly normal life, used to going out socialising, used to doing everything for themselves, now they can't do any of what they once was capable of. This is not living, this is purely existing. Unfortunately the struggle isn't just physical, after a bit the pain becomes emotional and mental too which leads to more health issues (including mental health problems and insomnia). Many people would rather die than have to live with chronic pain, death shouldn't be someone's only way out. The people who are left to face these devastating illnesses and conditions feel like they are being tortured on a daily basis, and as humans we should do what we can to help those in need!! Please sign this petition!! We need to stand behind those who can no longer fight!! 

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