Save our Rural healthcare service!

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Health is an important component for ensuring better quality of life. Large masses of the Indian poor continue to fight hopeless and constantly losing the battle for survival and health. The war begins even before birth, as malnourishment of the mother reduces life chances of the foetus. 

It's from my personal experience ,I  visited a village RAJABARI NEAR PANIKHAITI & I  found that:

  • In that village almost all the families are living in poverty, it is not only food security but also ill-health, which causes serious distress.
  • Presently, village do not have the source of drinking water and in some part of the village water sources are polluted and do not meet the WHO Standards.

  • Hardly few of the rural population uses toilets and such lack of sanitary conditions and shortage of clean drink­ing water are directly affecting the health of most of the rural people. 

For ensur­ing good health, there is a need to change the mindset of the donors and extension work­ers involved in rural development programmes. Primary healthcare should become the basic necessity for every individual, rather than treating it as a separate component of development.