Government need to put rajithkumar behind bars

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Mr rajithkumar who is a government science teacher has made statements like autistic children are born to bad mothers and transgender are born to mothers who wear jeans . This has caused immense emotional pain to the community as well as it should be considered as harassment . He has also propagated wrong scientific facts and there by misleading the community. It needs to be bought in front of the government and he needs to be arrested . Even after the person accepting the fact he has told the statement and no apologies for the same. There are also visuals for the proof. People like him should be punished as soon as possible and there should not be any delay 


His statement has caused stess to the parents . Imagine you are a parent of a autistic kid and a public statement without that you have a child like this because you are bad . Let us voice out and show the strength of common man .