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Let Children play!! In playground, not on LED screens!! Make playground mandatory @ school

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I still cherish & admire my school days where 3 hours of 7 hours a day schooling is dedicated to sports/craft/music/art and rest for books. i still wonder how this balanced schooling is loosing its ground and slowly vanishing in many places.

It is very important to prefer a school with balanced book & ground curriculum, but many parents today take it easy with a thought that more hours their kid study more happy & successful they become. unfortunately it's a blunder.

Almost half of the schools in India doesn't have Playgrounds today, I don't see a point sending kid to a school without playground but today, schools without playground are more successful. Book knowledge alone won't help a kid to become a happy and successful human.

Playground is where kids learn & improve team work, forgiveness, discipline, need of accuracy & efficiency , share & care, leadership qualities etc. 

Sadly in today's society , we as parents as well introduce & teach kids Youtube , google, Facebook etc. instead of teaching them street & playground games playing which we spent our childhood. While we admire seeing our kid unlocking mobiles/tabs and operate internet, we forget to realise those won't help them in anyway at that age. Technology can be a part in today's life but should not be a replacement to playground for a kid.

This tech/gadget madness in kids will create aversion towards physical activities, mingling with people around , food and finally it will kill creative side of their brain which leads to multiple issues.

Governments should bring in proper policies and laws like brining sports/fitness into curriculum, cancelling licenses of schools without playground , licensing new schools with playground, reviving government schools etc.

PUBLIC as well should change.

I say world will slowly become idiot box with full of Robots filled with flesh & bones if we continue to grow our future generations completely tech dependents.

This could be the problem prevailing is many other countries as well.


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