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Dear / Respected citizens of India.

01.MPs n MLAs should not get pension because politics is not a job or employment, but a free service.

Politics is an election under the Public Representation Act, there is no retirement but they can be re-elected.

Another big cheating in this is that if a person is a councilor, then becomes a legislator, and then becomes an MP, he gets three pensions but not one. It is a big betrayal with the citizens of the country which should be immediately stopped.

02. With the Central Pay Commission, the salary of MPs n MLAs should be revised. And they should be brought under income tax rule.

At present, they increase their salaries and allowances by voting themselves. And at that time the tone of all parties becomes united.

03. MPs n MLAs should discard their current health care system and participate in health care system similar to Indian public health. Treatment should not be done abroad,reit is to be done abroad, get it done at your own expense.

4. All concessions including electricity, water, phone bill, should be terminated. (They not only get many such concessions but they are also increasing it frequently )

5.To prevent criminal leaders from contesting elections.

Punish d criminals n should be banned from the Parliament n Assembly. Financial losses due to politicians in the office should be collected from their families n properties.

6. MPs n MLAs should also follow all the laws applicable to ordinary Indian.

7. Subsidies available to MPs and MLAs, subsidized food in Parliament canteen MUST b withdrawn.

Serving in Parliament n Assembly is a respect, not an attractive career for looting.

09 *Free rail and air travel be stopped*. 10 *They Should have the retirement age limit in contesting election.* 11 *They should have atleast graduation degree to contest the election.*

If every person forwards this to at least twenty persons, it will take ONLY three days to reach all.

Dont you think this is the right time to raise this issue? If you agree with the above, then PLEASE endorse it.