Restrict the use of fireworks

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A little while ago I heard someone set off a banging firework in broad daylight and it scared the birds (they screeched in terror)!

They also scare other animals too because the government is allowing people to set them off before November 5th (I used to hear them 24/7). This annoyed me.

The firework code says "Keep pets indoors". We cannot keep them indoors all the time to stop them getting hurt or scared by the fireworks!

So I think you should make it law that fireworks are set off only between 7pm and midnight on November 5th and midnight to 6am on New Years Eve. 

The only days you can lawfully set them off are between the last Saturday before November 5th and first Saturday after. Then New Year's Eve.

Shops must only sell them for only 1 week prior to the first lawful day and stop selling them from November 6th. Then sell them again from Boxing day to New Year's Eve (so people can buy them for new year celebrations). 

The only exceptions are firework displays.

If this law is passed it may become a push factor to some immigrants and send them home. Also (as the picture suggests) less pollution will be caused.