Reduce the penalty imposed by Cricket Australia on Steven Smith

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As Captain Steven Smith has erred but no more than other's have in the past with regards to ball tampering, and his suspension is 12 months whereas other captains have mainly received a fine or 1-match suspension ... see here:

Ball tampering penalties

Atherton (94) - fined $3,700

Younis (00) - 1 match

Dravid (04) - 50% match fee

Afridi (10) - 2 T20 matches

Du Plessis (13) - 50% match fee

Du Plessis (16) - 100% match fee

As can be seen the penalty is not inline with that received by other players of the same offense, also since David Warner has been penned as the ringleader uncontrollable by Steven Smith, there must be some leniency ... rather than the harshness imposed by Cricket Australia and in particular that prat James Sutherland.

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