Creative Content at the cost of Molestation : NO!!

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Crimes against women have been there since long time. Be it in domestic or corporate sector, women are treated as objects or properties. Due to the power of social media such crimes are getting more public attention.

One of the such shocking event that came to limelight is about India's most popular Youtube Channel The Viral Fever (TVF). An ex- female employee of TVF in her blog titled 'The Indian Uber - That is TVF', the woman who goes by the name 'Indian Fowler' has detailed the several instances of molestation by TVF founder Arunabh Kumar for 2 years. (Please visit blog for detailed description)

The woman says that even a threat of a police complaint didn't stop the him from continuous molestation. When she wanted to leave, he gave legal threats of company's contract which binds her.  "And I told him I will go to the police. He says 'police to meri pocket me hai (Police is in my pocket)', she claims.

This is not the end, 2 more women accuse TVF executive for the similar molestation charges and more are coming see ndtv post. We, the internet population of india has made them popular, we're the reason they touched the skies of success but fame and power have made them blind that they started using it for abusing other Gender. Its time that we show them how powerful we are.

We are, who made them popular and we will be, who are gonna support that woman. Lets unsubscribe from their channel and not to visit it again.