No to $5.3 million + $800k in on going funding for a Silent Sam Safehouse

No to $5.3 million + $800k in on going funding for a Silent Sam Safehouse

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As parents of students enrolled in the UNC System of Universities, as students attending these schools, as alumni, as well as those of us who are residents of North Carolina, we do not support the proposed budget of $5.3 million dollars to provide an even larger monument dedicated to silent sam. Dedicating more money for an even bigger attraction for it, essentially creating a "safehouse" is not what the people want, or what we should do. 
We DO NOT want to spend $5.3 million to erect a building to house silent sam, and also we do not want to contribute $800,000 more each year maintaining it. Our money whether directly through tuition, or indirectly through taxes will contribute to this, and your solution is unacceptable. 
The law states a monument can move if there is a need to preserve the object, clearly the monument is at risk for more vandalism and for it to be preserved, it needs to be moved. 

An object of remembrance may be relocated “[w]hen appropriate [sic] measures are required by the State or a political subdivision of the State to preserve the object” (G.S. § 100-2.1(b)(1)).

To quote your own report:
" Most people who wrote to us said they want the Monument permanently removed or moved to a location either off campus or within a contextualized setting on campus. Few people (particularly few faculty, staff, and students) want the Monument restored to its original location. Positive relationships with residents, government officials, businesses, and law enforcement are critically important and have been strained by the presence of the Monument on McCorkle Place. We also received a number of requests from local communities. For example, in 2017, the Town of Chapel Hill requested that the University remove the Monument from McCorkle Place, and more recently in 2018 requested that the University not return the Monument to McCorkle Place. The Town cited safety concerns, civil rights issues, and the strain placed on law enforcement resources. The Town understandably wants to avoid the dedication of considerable law enforcement resources that is needed when an on-campus protest spills over into the Town’s jurisdiction. The Chapel Hill Police Department has stated that it will not expend resources to protect the Monument. The Orange County Commissioners issued a statement on August 21, 2018, calling the removal of the Monument “long overdue” and noting its association with  racism.

The Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce issued a statement on August 28,
2017, calling for removal of the Monument to a more appropriate location due to its
divisive history, its negative effect on local businesses, and its negative impact on
diversity and inclusion in the community. And on August 30, 2018, the Chamber
and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership sent a letter to the University requesting
that the Monument not be returned to McCorkle Place. The letter emphasized
safety concerns, negative business impacts, and erosion of the community’s
reputation as one of “the best small towns in the U.S.” The letter noted that local
businesses are estimated to lose $200,000 for each major protest around the

In not one single response was there a proposal to erect a new building for this relic. 
There are many suggestions. Museums often top the list. The discussion should be focused on which museum, not spending more money to preserve it. 
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