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Our beaches are public access

Letter to
Alan Ours, Glynn County Administrator Glynn County, St Simons Island Georgia
Mr. Alan Ours, County Administrator
Glynn County, Georgia
W. Harold Pate Building
1725 Reynolds Street
Suite 302
Brunswick, GA 31520

March 22, 2013

Petition For The Remediation, Restoration and Sanctity of The Public Property Located at 4222 and 4212 Thirteenth Street, Saint Simons Island, GA.

Recently, Residents of Thirteenth St. (East Beach Subdivision) Saint Simons Island, Georgia, have intentionally and knowingly encroached upon Public Accessible Property and so doing have caused an intentional Right of Way Violation; Glynn County Code: 2-13-24
The following conduct has been declared by the Board of Commissioners to be unlawful and in violation of the Code of Ordinances:2-13-24
(a). It shall be unlawful for any person, without a permit issued by Glynn County, to purposely or recklessly obstruct any public road, street, beach access, sidewalk or other public passage in such a way as to render it impassable to the public without unreasonable inconvenience or hazard when such person fails or refuses to remove the obstruction after receiving an official request from Glynn County or the order of a peace officer that he do so within a specified period of time.
(b). It shall be unlawful for any person, or persons, to knowingly, intentionally and without authority, block or attempt to block, or cause to be blocked, prevent or attempt to prevent, or interfere or attempt to interfere with, any member or members of the public from gaining access to or egress from a public beach via any owned or dedicated, open or unopened, public street, public roadway, public alley or public easement by placing or causing to be placed thereon, or by maintaining or causing to be maintained thereon, any impediment, obstruction or deterrent of any kind or shape, natural or man-made, designed and intended to discourage or present public use of the same.
(c). It shall be unlawful for any person, without a permit issued by Glynn County, to purposely or recklessly excavate or alter the surface, shoulders or sides of any public road, street, beach access, sidewalk or other public passage.

The location of this unpermitted act is: 4222 Thirteenth Street, Saint Simons Island, GA.

The location of this encroachment is further described as the County Right of Way adjacent to and outside the property boundaries of 4222 and 4212 Thirteenth Street. Legal Description: 11-26 E. Beach, Parcel Number: 04-02999.

This Public Property has historically served as limited parking for the Thirteenth Street Public Beach Access, which is approximately 50 feet (+/-)from the parking area. Previously, the area would accommodate no more than 4-5 vehicles parked diagonally. Recently, due to complaints filed with the Glynn County Police by the residents of 4212 13th.Street, the area has now been recommended as parallel parking only. It is assumed this decision is intended to eliminate parked vehicles from extending into the paved surface of the roadway. This Public Beach Access Parking area now accommodates no more than two vehicles at any given time.

While all of the undersigned understand and appreciates the premise of keeping county maintained street open to traffic, it should be noted that this area dead ends to the Public Beach Access. The free passage of traffic is not and has not ever been an issue; there has always been ample roadway to allow free passage of traffic.

On or about March 18, 2013, it was observed that unknown persons knowingly and in direct violation of law, had deposited a significant number of railroad ties onto this Right of Way, virtually eliminating all parking for the Public Beach Access on 13th Street.

The following day, March 19, 2013, a number of concerned citizens of Glynn County, initiated A Service Request To The Code Enforcement Department of The Glynn County Government. Code Enforcement initiated an investigation and assigned Service Request Numbers to each of the Service Request.

On March 21, 2013, Representatives from Code Enforcement and The County Engineer performed a site visit and determined the allegations, as brought, were founded for Right of Way Violation - Public Accessible Property, and enforcement actions initiated.

Later that same date, it was observed that the aforementioned railroad ties had been installed the entire length of the Right of Way, extending to the driveway of 4212 Thirteenth Street. A call was made to the County Engineer, who was unaware of the illegal act of the homeowners.

It was during this conversation that it was learned that the residents had applied for a permit to improve the Right of Way, however the permit had not been reviewed or approved as of this date. Therefore, this act was intentionally perpetrated with the knowledge that a permit was need to comply with law and deliberately violated the law by proceeding without such.

Sir, as you may be aware there is limited, if any other beach parking between the Public Beach at the Coast Guard Station to Goulds Inlet. This limited parking at 13th. Street needs and should be retained as accessible to the public. And given the cavalier attitude of the residents who intend to take Public Property without consequence, they should be ashamed, denied a permit and ordered to immediately restore the Right of Way to its previous condition.

We the undersigned do not accept that there is a significant body of evidence or opinion in Glynn County that feels these changes will have a positive impact in the community and will only serve to further isolate the public from the pleasures of the Golden Isles.

The issuance of a permit and the existing state of the Right of Way, is and would be obscene. We implore you to give due diligence to our petition and take appropriate corrective action.


We the undersigned believe that the recent encroachment onto Public Property, the County Right of Way, in violation of law, has a detrimental effect on the purpose of Public Land/Right of Way Ordinances and diminishes the character of the community.

We respectfully ask the Glynn County Administrator and Commissioners to address all issues brought in this communication as specified above. It is further requested that the Administrator and/or Commissioners order the perpetrators of the illegal acts to immediately cease any further unpermitted activity and demand remediation, restoration and sanctity of the Public Property/Right of Way, Located at 4222 and 4212 Thirteenth Street, Saint Simons Island, GA.

Respectively, The Undersigned:

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